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who we are

JGROUP, founded in 2003 by prominent entrepreneur Imad Jomaa, is a global holding company with a vast portfolio of subsidiaries operating across several industries ranging from media, real estate, contracting, and printing,. With over 250 professionals, JGROUP remains dedicated to providing its clients with impeccable quality and exceptional services at competitive rates, with the highest standards of integrity and transparency.



A Diversified Portfolio

JGROUP’s journey began with a single media company. Now, it represents some of the most successful and influential digital assets , TV stations, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising services. Over the past years, JGROUP has expanded its presence worldwide.

Some of the leading companies that operate under JGROUP’s umbrella are Promofix, Promomedia, Contour Media, and AL Media Group.

JGROUP’s expansive portfolio is a reflection of the group’s commitment to innovation across different sectors with steady growth.


Imad Jomaa, the founder and president of JGROUP, established JGROUP in 2003 after completing his studies at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Jomaa has obtained a Master’s degree in financial economics and two bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Chemistry, graduating as the valedictorian in his class. Since founding JGROUP, Jomaa has expanded the company’s scope to include a variety of sectors, such as technology, contracting, digital media and advertising.


As head of JGROUP, Jomaa is committed to maintaining the group’s innovation, quality, and a strong vision in all the industries in which it operates. With a strong visionary leadership for JGROUP, companies in the media industry, Jomaa has a track record of identifying growth opportunities over the past 20 years. As a result, the group has expanded internationally and achieved solid success. Jomaa’s pioneering leadership paved the way for JGROUP’s growth, and establish prominent subsidiaries including but not limited to Promofix, Promomedia, Digital Venture and Contour Media.

Jomaa upholds an individual commitment to giving back to the communities in which his companies operate. To accomplish this, he has established the Imad Jomaa Organization, which undertakes a wide variety of philanthropic initiatives. The non-governmental organization, established in Lebanon, primarily works in four sectors: sports, arts, education, and women’s empowerment. The national organization fundamentally supports startups and small businesses that are engaged in digital media and production technologies.

Jomaa, being a football fan, has also provided support to the Lebanese Football league. In his free time, Jomaa is an avid tennis player and enjoys practicing archery.

our values

At JGROUP, we have incorporated the values of professionalism, excellence, innovation, integrity, and customer commitment into our daily operations. These values define what we stand for as a group and guide our daily actions.


We work hard to understand our clients’ needs and meet their expectations.


We deliver what we promise and maintain the highest standards in everything we do to add value beyond expectations.


We welcome new perspectives, constantly look to innovate and seek to realize creative ideas.


We uphold the highest ethics in all our actions, both as individuals and as an organization.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to helping our customers succeed.


We seek to provide high quality services that deliver more value to our clients than any competitor. Through our superior management performance and continuously evolving business model, we aim at persistently improving the quality of our services and deliver innovative and unique solutions to our customers.

We constantly seek out partners with whom we can build long-standing and strategic relations that will increase the value of our business. In parallel, we are always committed to client satisfaction, high ethical values and the development of society.