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JGROUP setup the hugely successful Hawacom TV. Hawacom is the leading pan-Arab TV station for music clips and entertainment programs. It’s largely influential in breaking new music and setting the cultural agenda. Hawacom stresses on highlighting the latest introductions in the music industry to cater to all tastes of its target audience.


New TV was established in 1992. It was forcibly closed in 1997 due to Syrian intervention and government repression. It was re-launched on October 2, 2001, during a luxurious ceremony attended by dignitaries at the Sheraton Coral Beach Hotel.


Fortress is a leading TV representative established in 2004. Its portfolio includes AL JADEED, Alsumaria and HAWACOM, a popular music channel across the Arab world. In less than a decade, Fortress succeeded in significantly boosting the ad sale revenues of represented media while creating increased value for advertisers.


Alsumaria is an independent Iraqi television network founded in September 2004. Today it has a team of 700 media professionals and the best technicians working between Iraq, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Alsumaria TV adopts a moderate speech for one Iraq, which stands at the same distance from all spectrums of the diverse Iraqi people.


Great news for all TV buffs! beIN has just launched great entertainment channels to compliment it’s sports channels. Now watch thrilling sports, blockbuster movies, latest series, awesome factual and kids channels in true HD quality on beIN.


Bein Movies your social TV guide to everything beIN Movies!

Al Sharqiya TV

Al Sharqiya TV has been gaining a growing audience with its mixture of popular current affairs, satire and Iraq's first reality TV programs. Since its formation in March 2004, the channel has gained a reputation for its humanitarian assistance and charity work which has been aimed at cities all over Iraq. As part of a program called ‘Reputation and Capital’  Al Sharqiya distributed a number of grants to small-scale projects that assist the needy and disabled around Iraq. The channel's line up includes humanitarian programs, comedies, dramas, satires, music and religion is widely watched in Iraq.


In 2006, JGROUP established PROMOMEDIA and developed it into the leading provider of billboards and outdoor advertising in the region. It now offers advertisers over 6,000 spaces in prime locations across Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, and UAE. Some of the most notable locations include Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport, Baghdad International Airport, the Beach JBR billboards, the City Walk billboard, La Mer billboard, and Hazzaa Bin Zayed Stadium.

JGroup offers LED, 4*3, scrollers, unipoles, rooftop boards, wall signs, and backlit panels on highways across Iraq and the Levant. It has recently expanded its portfolio by offering full-motion advertising to provide clients with the most eye-catching promotions possible.

Contour Media

High Visibility in Prime locations. Contour Media FZ-LLC is the premier provider of out of home media solutions in UAE. We believe that commitment to quality will definitely be a valuable addition to the client in all aspects. We offer Out of Home Advertising Solutions, Branding, Billboards, Digital Billboards, Unconventional Out of Home Advertising and other Outdoor Advertising Options that are sure to fit your needs.

Medled Vision

media mart



With audio and video calls in IMO, enjoy free and stable calls with your friends and family no matter how far they are.


Blis has reinvented outcome-based advertising for a privacy first-world - powered by location data, delivering the personalization of programmatic targeting with high precision. It uses location data to help the world’s top brands and media agencies understand, reach, and engage consumers globally to deliver measurable results, employing the lastest technology to map real-world, human behavior.

fox push

FoxPush is an innovative Web Push Notification technology for website owners. FoxPush is simple, smart, targeted to drive more engaged users and increase website visits.


Delivering intent with consent, Captify is the largest holder of 1st party consumer search data outside of Google. Its new technology understands the intent of consumers across all channels, including voice search, desktop on-site search, and in-app search.

Captify’s search intelligence and powerful insights help inform decisions for brands across the world through consumer behavior analysis, brand trends, product, and market analysis.


With over 450M subscribes, RICHADS is a distinguished push notification advertising network made for marketers, affiliates, and agencies.

free wheel

FreeWheel is the ultimate premium TV marketplace for buyers and sellers. It combines the targeting and measurement of digital with the scale and quality of linear TV. FreeWheel uses technology, data, and quality inventory; this enables buyers and sellers to transact across all screens, data types, and sales channels to achieve solid results for marketers.

cheetah mobile

Cheetah Mobile is the chief mobile internet company dedicated to making the world smarter. It is also the architect of some of the most popular global mobile apps. Cheetah Mobile has more than 634 million active users on a monthly basis.


Amadeus is a powerful and customizable online booking and fulfilment platform designed in tune with the travel professionals’ specific needs.

ground truth

Ground Truth is the leading location-based marketing and ads technology company. Ground Truth helps consumers understand their audience and drive significant outcomes.

icon peak

ICONPEAK combines exclusive technology, expertise and data to engage users with quality products and helps advertisers thrive in today’s economy.

air now

Airnow Media offers the most advanced targeting and campaign optimization technologies on the market, providing a seamless programmatic buying experience.


Sociallyz is the region's largest influencer management platform with access to over 120M influencer profiles globally.


Snapchat is a camera and messaging app that connects people to their friends and the world. With Snapchat, advertisers can reach a global audience and become a part of their everyday conversations.

Promofix, part of JGroup is a proud partner.


open influence

Through its AI-powered content analysis, Open Influence discovers actionable insights that set the foundation of its creative strategies. Data unlocks a world of possibilities for the creative thinker.


beIN Sports is a global network of sports channels, broadcasting in 24 countries, and the leading television sports news and entertainment provider in the MENA region. With the introduction of multi-screen technology, beIN Sports provides its subscribers with exclusive access to great content through television, computer, tablet, or smartphone app


WAHOO is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and MISP. It provides an array of technologies and internet services for multiple sectors through its own local connectivity or through MIC1 and MIC2 infrastructure and by the license acquired for the 3G/4G- LTE, from the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication, to reach the widest cell coverage on all the Lebanese’s regions.

WAHOO is determined to serve the best quality of service to its customers and be well recognized as a reference ISP for its infrastructure, quality, and services delivery in the area.


PFX NETWORK is a performance-based network aiming to achieve better optimization by selecting a limited number of Premium Publishers and facilitating them with technology. The network provides highly customized and Made-to-Measure Solutions to trading desks, helping them to meet their data, KPIs, and high-impact creative needs, distinguishing PFX from the plug-&-play nature of Programmatic Networks.


ASSADA PRODUCTION is a leading production company specialized in producing, developing and distributing a large successful line-up of TV Series, Programs, TV Commercials, Movies and Video Clips.

ASSADA PRODUCTION studios are fully equipped with the latest high-tech equipment such as Alexa Plus, and handle all projects from concept to post production.

promo prints

Promoprints is the number one print and copy center with strategic locations across Baghdad, Iraq. Promoprints is a complete line of digital services including, but not limited to, printing, engineering, computer, and finishing services while offering high-quality service complemented by the latest high-tech machines.


Ekaruna is a leading search engine real estate platform that helps consumers reach their favorable property. It features day-to-day news reports and articles about the local, regional, and international real estate sector.

Ekaruna works with realtors to list properties in one ideal site. It enables users to access all the data about those properties with ease from any device.

pro medica

Promedica is a leading distributor of pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands established in 2012. It offers a diversified line of health and beauty products such as Revitalash, Revitabrow, Regenesis, Bsand, Pasta del Capitano, Cera di Cupra, and Dermedic.

Promedica attends to a wide network of direct distribution in the MENA region to Pharmacies and hospitals through niche brands.

Promedica ensures promising brands, serving a diverse clientele's new needs.