Digital Venture becomes the exclusive provider of Airpush in Middle East& Africa.

2021-08-17 17:05:07

Digital Venture to partner with the best performance mobile platform in the world. Digital Venture, part of JGROUP, has gained exclusivity rights to represent the largest and leading global mobile platform in the world. This partnership paves the way for a revolutionary change in mobile advertising, allowing users and advertisers to experience more immersive and engaging content on their mobile smartphones devices.

Airpush’s mobile platform utilizes the latest in cutting edge targeting technologies, including geo-fencing, persona targeting, app inclusion targeting and A/B testing to ensure that advertisers are perfectly matched to the correct audience. Airpush also offers proprietary performance ad units, including the advanced Abstract Banners, consistently delivering dramatically higher performance than other standardized mobile ad units. This granular level of targeting combined with limitless creative capabilities is the first of its kind in the Middle East& Africa.

Traditionally mobile advertising in the Middle East & Africa has always been sold on a cost per mille (CPM) basis, which relies on mass exposure and can result in minimal engagement.

Digital Venture and Airpush are historically performance-based companies that guarantee high-level and high-quality engagement for brands.

Over the past four years, Airpush has become widely accepted as one of the leading suppliers of mobile performance advertising solutions around throughout the world. Established in late 2010, the company was recently named ‘Top Innovator in Advertising Data’ at the 2014 DataWeek Conference, ‘Company of The Year’ at the 2014 International Best in Biz Awards and #2 on the Forbes’ list of ‘America’s Most Promising Companies’ the same year. Together, Digital Venture and Airpush intend to revolutionize mobile advertising in Lebanon, Nigeria, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, UAE, Libya, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Tunisia regions.