JGroup chooses GCC as its centre of business operations

2022-10-25 17:05:57

JGroup, a multinational holding company with a vast portfolio of subsidiaries and investments, has chosen the GCC as the centre of its business operations in the region with headquarters in Dubai.

The announcement comes as part of JGroup’s effort to leverage the UAE’s business ecosystem and advanced infrastructure to strengthen and accelerate the company’s reach across the Middle East and North Africa region.

The new state-of-art facility is based in Dubai, UAE and will be responsible for expanding the Group’s international reach.

The company has partnered with several leading companies in the past including FoxPush, Blis Media, Digimotive, Snapchat, Rich Ads and beIN Sports. These prominent partnerships have established JGroup as one of the leading technology solutions providers in the region.

“Dubai is a city geared towards the future and is rapidly becoming a global hub for innovative ideas. With a focus towards digitally savvy audiences, who are prominently based in the Middle East, we acknowledge GCC countries’ efforts to become an innovative hub supporting entrepreneurs’ success.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with stakeholders who comprehend the market needs and demands, in which can contribute to mutual growth, across the Middle East. We aim to unlock endless possibilities for our clients, agencies and brands worldwide while creating a strong regional footprint within the technology industry,” said Imad Jomaa, Founder and CEO of JGroup.

Jomaa further added: “This milestone is a stepping stone towards accelerating the expansion of JGroup’s operations across the Middle East and North Africa. Establishing Dubai as our base of operations will enable us to support our clients by providing them with our world-class platforms to help them reach the right consumers by tapping into our company’s robust and extensive regional network. We, at JGroup, are confident that our offices in the UAE would help us expand our reach internationally as well.”

Jomaa founded business conglomerate JGroup in 2003. In the 19 years since establishment, Imad Jomaa has built a portfolio of subsidiaries operating throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Attributable to Imad’s vision for JGroup, the company’s portfolio has grown to include companies in a wide range of industries, including media representation, billboards, technology, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), production, contracting and construction, e-commerce, health, and beauty At JGroup, Imad Jomaa and his team work closely with their subsidiaries to help them develop innovative solutions and enhance the quality of their services. This commitment has driven the group’s continued growth over time