JGroup and Blis To Partner For Exclusive Location-Based Advertising In MENA

2022-10-25 17:05:57

JGroup, a Lebanon-based holding company with a presence across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the United States announces strategic partnership with Blis for location-based advertising in the Middle East and Nort Africa (MENA) region. Through this partnership, JGroup and Blis, a leader in location-powered advertising and analytics intend to leverage their strengths to help brands understand, reach, and engage customers in the MENA region to deliver measurable results.

This new partnership is another feather to JGroup’s vast pool of digital advertising products and services because location-powered data is the most accurate indicator of ’real’ behavior and intent at scale when compared with any other type of data. With unprecedented events this year, there is a huge shift in consumer behavior where most people do not prefer to go out. Therefore, JGroup will make Blis solutions available to all potential and existing customers in the digital advertising space to ensure they meet their target audience at the right time and place. Imad Jomaa, Founder and President of JGroup said,

“We’ve all experienced changes to our daily routines this year and location-based advertising capabilities have enabled more refined, more relevant, more transparent, and more relatable campaigns for consumers. We’re delighted to be joining forces with Blis, a company that continues to distinguish itself as an innovative and transparent leader, to deepen penetration of this technology in the region.”

Blis Smart platform provides incomparable safety, transparency, and accuracy. In fact, Blis solutions are privacy-focused and enable effective planning, activation, and measurement for marketers. The new partnership will enable JGroup’s existing media customers in the region to better understand their audiences’ real-world behavior and create targeted strategies to drive real-time results. Blis Global Commercial Officer, Dave King said,

“There is an enormous opportunity for brands across the Middle East and North Africa to better understand and engage with their consumers. Globally, our clients trust the combination of our advanced proprietary technology and strategic expertise Blis offers. Together with JGroup, we’re building upon our existing presence and customer relationships in the region, to give more brands and agencies the power to reach relevant audiences with advertising that cuts through and drives real results.”

The MENA region’s advertising and marketing landscape is changing and attracting investments. The JGroup and Blis partnership is contributing to the growth and providing new opportunities to the next generation of insight-driven marketing. This partnership combines Blis’ technologies and products with JGroup’s extensive media network and digital assets in the Middle East through its media arm, Promofix. Imad Jomaa further said,

“Location-based advertising is a powerful tool and brands in the region are only beginning to see the opportunities and possibilities.”