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“Eshtari Lebnene” initiative to support the national economy

“Eshtari Lebnene” initiative to support the national economy

2021-08-17 17:02:49

“Eshtari Lebnene” initiative to support the national economy, that was announced earlier by JGroup, has received a great response from local institutions and organizations. More than 170 companies have reduced their prices by 50%.

JGroup's national appeal has resonated positively, and has prompted many Lebanese companies, businessmen and businesswomen to reserve a place in the campaign to stop any collapse that could threaten Lebanon's economy and its productive sectors.

Of the institutions that provided 50% discounts on their products or services Lebanese-made, we mention: Charlie taxi, Yalla taxi, Istez restaurant, Vervie, Sugar cream, Beirut consulting, Taxi rami, Realistic Brows, Amatoury, Nazih store, Studio profile, Qasayed by ola, B taxi, Lexy, Savanah, Mezza, Cito, Caffe joud, Coaching by manal, Prime valley, Ola restaurant, Occa, See education, Rush and reez, Assaad daoui, Leila makhlouf, Quick, Inkster tattoo, Agonist.

Adding to the above, we mention: Eva attalah, Green valley, The link bowling, Salle resto, Promo zone, Al kitab al alami, Glossy mat, Loyal taxi, Standart, Wooden art, Organica, Hanan chahla beauty, Saad holding, Living the app, Kombi food, MG, Nour jazzar Make up, Al Andalib, Mustafa Mansour, Studio Hamze, Kharzat, Imagine laser work, 3 M Media, Sushi Lovers, Samer Abou Laban, Baalbaki, Mazloum, Watteen Soap and La tavola.

Not to forget that JGroup had already declared that “our Economy is a common responsibility, and we shall hold tight to it”, this was demonstrated by announcing free advertising support for Lebanese products, brands or businesses, who set 50% discounts on their local products or services. This campaign included ads on several means: Al Jadeed TV Channel, Promomedia led billboards, and Promofix advertisements on Snapchat, Al Jadeed and Lebanon 24 websites.

In the context of supporting the Lebanese economy, this initiative is not JGroup’s first. The chairman of JGroup, Mr. Imad Jomaa, its general manager and Jomaa’s vice president, Mr. Patrick Haber, and Promofix’s general manager, Mr. Alain David, are all compiled on the importance of such individual moves to stand by all sectors and people. Such decisions are consistent with their conviction that we are all responsible for this country’s future.